Green Building (GB) Faculty is a pool of experienced experts who are available to support the HKGBC and BEAM Society Limited (BSL). Such support may include task force work related to green building initiatives, acting as members in BEAM Expert Panels, providing expert advice on green building related matters, adjudication of BEAM Plus Final Appeals and various other kinds of pro bono services. The Term of Office of GB Faculty will be two years from the date of appointment. It is preferable that members can regularly contribute a certain number (say 4 to 6) of hours per month to support the work of HKGBC and BSL.

The GB Faculty comprises the following 8 groups of experts, and it is possible that an expert can join up to 2 groups by virtue of his/her expertise:

Expert Group Kinds of expertise Examples of experts
(1) Social Sustainability and Community Aspects (CA) Covers community and social sustainability elements, e.g. community engagement, sustainable lifestyle, planning of housing, community preservation, place making, cultural aspects, CSR for developers, social impact assessment, barrier-free access, construction safety, wage protection, CDM (i.e. HSE management). Urban planners and designers
Community planners
Social sustainability experts
Construction safety / Construction industry sustainability experts
(2) O&M Management (MAN) Covers SA in BEAM Plus EB, MAN in BEAM Plus Interiors, and O&M parts in EU and IEQ of BEAM Plus NB, e.g. environmental purchasing, Housing management, O&M practices, green cleaning, pest control, renovation management, user guidance, CSR facilities in premises, O&M facilities, security system, energy management Property and facility managers
Energy management / ISO50001 experts
Maintenance surveyors
(3) Site Aspects and Outdoor Environmental Quality (SA) Covers SA in BEAM Plus NB and outdoor environmental quality issues, e.g. site amenities, site contamination assessment, transport, urban design, ecology, heritage, public open spaces, microclimate, AVA, neighbourhood daylight access, light pollution, environmental noise, construction pollution management, landscaping and greeneries Urban planners and designers
Landscape architects
Construction site environmental experts
AVA / CFD / UHI experts
Ecology experts
Light pollution experts
(4) Materials Aspects (MA) Covers MA in all BEAM Plus rating tools, e.g. design of refuse handling facilities in buildings, municipal waste facilities, C&D waste, ODP/ GWP of materials, timber products, interior finishes, modular design, prefabrication. Also covers material embodied energy, product eco-labelling, life-cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declaration Architects
Material engineers / experts
Civil / structural engineers
LCA experts
Interior designers
E&M engineers, including refrigerant experts, waste facilities experts, flexible engineering services experts
Waste management experts
(5) Energy Use (EU) Covers energy aspects in all BEAM Plus rating tools, e.g. passive design, energy-efficient systems, renewable energy, energy simulation, energy-efficient appliances, T&C, district cooling, CHP, etc. Passive design experts
E&M engineers
Energy-efficient infrastructure experts
(6) Indoor and Outdoor Water Aspects (WA) Covers WU in all BEAM Plus rating tools and other water-related aspects, e.g. water-efficient irrigation, storm water management, wetland conservation, indoor water use, water audits, water quality, water recycling Landscape architects
E&M engineers
Civil engineers
Ecology experts
Water chemists
(7) Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Covers IEQ in all BEAM Plus rating tools, e.g. thermal , aural and visual comfort, IAQ, natural daylight, natural ventilation, noise and vibration, amenities inside buildings Building physics specialists
E&M engineers
Interior designers
(8) Innovations and Additions (IA) Covers IA in all BEAM Plus rating tools, i.e. innovative techniques, performance enhancements Architects
Interior designers
Urban planners and designers
Environment experts
Green infrastructure experts

Selection Criteria

To become a member of GB Faculty, one must meet the requirements in Part A. Candidates who also meet the requirements in Part B would be considered favourably.

Part A – Essential Criteria

Candidates must fulfil the following requirement:

Candidates must also fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • Minimum 15 years’ relevant post-degree (or equivalent) working experience; OR
  • Previous BEAM Faculty/GB Faculty membership with recognised contribution.

Part B – Preferential Criteria

Priority will be given to candidates who meet one of the following requirements:

  • Experienced in leading or training in at least one of the subject matters denoted by the 8 expert groups;
  • Have exemplary project, research or teaching experience in at least one of the subject matters denoted by the 8 expert groups; or
  • Have past contribution to the work of the HKGBC and/or BSL.

How to Become a GB Faculty member

Eligible candidates should submit the EOI Form online to the HKGBC.

Selection Process

A Selection Panel involving representatives from the Green Labelling Committee of HKGBC, the Technical Review Committee of BSL and Chairs of BEAM Expert Panels will select suitable candidates based on their qualifications and experience. Selection will be on a competitive basis. The decision of the Panel shall be final. Candidates will be notified of the selection results in late June 2016.

Green Building Faculty Members

Members should inform the HKGBC if their personal information in terms of the Title, Area of Practices, etc. have been changed.

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Name Aspect   Name Aspect  
AU Pui Nang Benny WA IA LEE Yan Hung Ian EU IA
AU Tat Kay Walter EU   LEUNG Cheuk Fai Jimmy CA  
CHAN Chi Cheung IA   LEUNG Chi Kwong Eric EU WA
CHAN Chi Keung Peter IEQ IA LEUNG Lok Man WA IA
CHAN Chung Tak Thomas SA   LEUNG Man Kit SA EU
CHAN Hon Wan Edwin CA IA LEUNG So Wan Susan CA SA
CHAN Jor Kin Kenneth MAN SA LEUNG Tak Chi Tommy WA  
CHAN Ka Yee Zoe WA IA LEUNG Yee Tak Andrew CA IEQ
CHAN Lik Sun EU   LEUNG Yun Cheong WA  
CHAN Ping Chiu Andrew CA   LI Guiyi MA EU
CHAN Suk Fun Mary SA MA LI Siu Kong Kenneth EU WA
CHAN Tin Chi Kenneth WA   LIM V Bernard CA  
CHAN Wai Tin Daniel EU IEQ LING Chun Pang Simon IEQ IA
CHAN Wing Chung Sunny EU   LO Kwok Kuen Joseph MA  
CHAN Wing Hong Cary, J.P. MAN EU LO Man Chi Irene MA  
CHAN Yim Cheong Paul EU IEQ LO Oi Ling Christina CA  
CHAN Yiu Keung Oliver MAN WA LO Tsz Yeung Alvin EU IEQ
CHAN Yuen King Paul SA   LUK Hing Chuen Steve SA  
CHANG PH Wallace CA   LUK Tsz Wai Ian MA  
CHANG Wai Ip Daniel SA MA MAK Cheuk Ming IEQ  
CHAO Yu Hang Christopher IEQ   MAK Kei Choi Henry IEQ  
CHENG Ka Lai Karen WA   MAK Yiu Wing Joseph MA IA
CHENG Sai Yau Vincent SA   MAN Kit Biu MAN  
CHEUNG Chi Kong Victor EU IEQ MUI Heung Fu Dennis EU IEQ
CHEUNG Lai Shun Benedict IA   NG Cheuk Yee John CA SA
CHEUNG Mun Kit WA   NG Kit Wah Ray MAN  
CHEUNG Wai Hin Andy EU IEQ NG Mee Kam CA  
CHEUNG Wai Hung Tony EU   NG Shiu Tong Thomas MA IA
CHEUNG Yuen Fong Patrick EU   NG Tze Kwun Kathy SA  
CHIU Ka Fai Calvin SA IEQ NG Wan Tin Danny SA  
CHIU Lai Har Rebecca CA   NG Wang Wai Charles IA  
CHOW Ka Ming Benny SA IEQ NG Yan Yung Edward SA  
CHOW Tin Tai EU IEQ NGAN Kwok Hip Tony EU IA
CHOY Tak Yip WA   PONG Chi Hung EU  
CHU Wai Yip EU   POON Chi Fai Larry CA SA
CHUNG Chi Leong Colin EU IEQ POON Chi Sun MA  
CHUNG Kam Wing Lawrence CA IA RUSU Dan MA  
DUGGIE Alexander M Sandy SA WA SHEN Edward SA  
FONG Suet Yuen Carolin SA IA SO Kai Ming MAN SA
FUNG Ka Wai WA   TAI Joyce CA  
FUNG Kai Yuen Clarence IA   TANG Sek Khuen Thomas CA  
FUNG Yin Suen Ada IA   TANG Siu Keung IEQ  
HO Wai Lun Tony EU IEQ TSANG Anne Lee Cindy CA SA
HO Kin Chung WA   WAN Chun Wah Martin MAN EU
HO Kui Yip Vincent SA MA WAN Hon Chi Stewart IA  
HO Siu Leung Nelson MAN SA WAN Wai Man Raymond MA IA
HO Wing Hung IEQ   WANG Sheng Wei MAN EU
HUNG Chung Yin Alan MAN EU WEBSTER Chris CA  
IEONG In Leng Yvonne SA MA WONG Cheuk Yuet Chiky SA  
IP Chung Man Tony CA MA WONG Chun Sing MAN IEQ
JIANG Wei EU IEQ WONG Ming Bun Kenny WA  
KONG Chi Yuen Vincent CA   WONG Siu Fan Susanna SA  
KWAN Chor Kee Raymond EU   WONG Tsz Yat Hyvan IEQ  
KWAN Kai Sing MA   WONG Wai Kwong EU  
KWAN Kam Tim Timmy MAN EU WONG Wai Lan Luciana SA WA
KWAN Kwok Lok Joseph CA IA WONG Wing Ho James EU IEQ
KWAN Wai Ming Laurence IEQ   WONG Yat Hang Felix MA IA
KWOK May Han Grace SA IEQ WONG Yiu Wa WA  
KWOK Ngok Chung Dick MAN SA XIONG Jian James SA  
LAI Hung Kit Joseph MAN EU YAU Kai Cheung David IA  
LAI Ying Keung WA   YAU Man Hung Raymond SA EU
LAM Chapman SA   YEUNG Lai Fong Alice SA MA
LAM Chung Wai Tony IA   YEUNG Wing Shan Theresa CA  
LAM Wai Man Erica SA MA YIK Wai Yuen Wilson SA MA
LAU Kwok Keung IEQ   YIM Yu Chau Stephen CA SA
LAU Wing Yin Vico MAN   YIN Rumin IEQ  
LAW Kin Chung Christopher CA   YIP Ka Chun Gary WA  
LEE CK Alfred WA   YIU Wai Keung MAN  
LEE Man Kwong Jonathan SA EU YU Lap Ho MAN  
LEE Shun Cheng Frank IEQ   YU TW Ann MA  
LEE Siu Wing Ivy SA MA YU Yuen Ping William CA  
LEE Wai Ming Ryan EU IA YUEN Conn SA