BEAM Affiliate is a person accredited by the HKGBC as being competent to support green building design, construction and operations.



Training and
You can check out the minimum qualification requirements before you enroll the training and examination.
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After you pass the examination, you will receive the e-certificate and information of your individual account from the HKGBC.
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Continuing Professional
Development (CPD)
BEAM Affiliates are required to fulfill annual CPD requirement and submit their CPD records through their individual accounts.
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Training and Examination

Read the candidate handbook to know more about BEAM Affiliate training and examination.

Training and Examination Fee

BEAM Society Limited (BSL) is the only organisation that holds BEAM Affiliate training and examination. Read the candidate handbook for detail of training and examination.

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After passing the examination, you will receive your e-certificate and login information for your individual account within 14 days.

HKGBC is the only Accreditation Authority to accredit BEAM Professional.

BEAM Affiliate Individual Account

Through your BEAM Affiliate Individual Account, you can update your profile, retrieve and store your annual CPD records.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

As buildings in Hong Kong account for over 90% of the electricity use and 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions. The role of the building sector in creating a sustainable future for Hong Kong is imminent. With the advancement of better technologies, products, practices, it is crucial for building professionals to keep apace.

HKGBC recognises professional development comes in different forms. The CPD training policy for BEAM Affiliates comprises of live and online seminars, technical visits, project experience and research. BEAM Affiliate can achieve their CPD requirements in a flexible manner.
Assist BEAM practitioners to maintain technical competence and grow their knowledge base of the BEAM Plus rating system.
Stay in touch with the latest trends / best practices relating to green building and sustainability.

CPD Requirements for BEAM Affiliate
There are minimum annual requirements in the total CPD hours and the Mandatory CPD hours:

Part A - Mandatory CPD Activities

Attend Mandatory CPD events organised or co-organised by HKGBC/BSL, including education courses, training, technical talks, seminars, symposia, conferences and guided green building tours.

Part B - General CPD Activities
(Report at least 2 types)

Attend training, seminars, technical visits and exhibitions related to green building. For activities with mixed themes, only those hours related to green building should be counted.

Undertake research/study, deliver speeches and write papers related to green building.

Participation in registered BEAM Plus project(s) in relation to pursuit of BEAM Plus credits.

Submission Cut-off Date
For BEAM practitioners, who have been accredited within the current calendar year, the cut-off date of CPD hours is 31 December of the next year (For example, for a BEAM Affiliate accredited in the 2014, the CPD hours cut-off date would be 31 December 2015).

Carry-over of Excess CPD Hours
Since 2015, the excess CPD hours attained by BEAM Affiliates in one year will be carried over to the following years without limit.

Make-up of Outstanding CPD Hours
A BEAM Affiliate who cannot attain the minimum CPD hours in the 1st year can make-up the outstanding hours in the 2nd & 3rd years. However, by the 3rd year, if the total number of attained CPD hours is still less than 12 (with at least 6 Mandatory hours), his/her BEAM Affiliate credential will be suspended, with the status shown in the BEAM Practitioners' Directory. Upon suspension, a 2-year grace period will be granted for suspended BEAM Affiliate to make-up the outstanding CPD hours.

Suspension List
The list of BEAM Affiliate with the credential suspended will be published in the BEAM Practitioners' Directory. Suspended BEAM Affiliate cannot declare himself / herself as a BEAM Affiliate.

Once the suspended BEAM Affiliate successfully makes up all CPD hours due (total of 12 hours), he / she can submit the relevant CPD record to HKGBC Secretariat and apply for the reinstatement of the BEAM Affiliate credential any-time during the 2-year grace period. However, BEAM Affiliates are reminded they are required to fulfill on-going CPD hours of the current year, to avoid possibility of further suspension or termination of the credential in the future.

Termination of BEAM Affiliate Qualification
If the suspended BEAM Affiliate cannot make up all CPD hours due within the grace period, his / her BEAM Affiliate qualification will be terminated. He / She can re-enroll the BEAM Affiliate Training and pass the Examination to attain the qualification again.

For further details of the CPD requirements, please refer to the BEAM Affiliate Candidate Handbook.